Freestyle Kayaking Championships • Nantahala Gorge • Bryson City, North Carolina USA

The freestyle kayaking world championships concluded on Sunday September 8 with new world champions awarded in the sport's eight classes of competition. This ultimate whitewater event brought the top freestyle athletes from 30 countries to the Nantahala Gorge near Bryson City, North Carolina, USA for a full week of competition and events. And the winners are...

Men's K1 Medalists (l-r)
Silver: Peter Csonka, Slovakia
Gold: Dane Jackson, USA
Bronze: Tomasz Czaplicki, Poland

Women's K1 Medalists (l-r)
Silver: Hitomi Takaku, Japan
Gold: Claire O'Hara, Great Britain
Bronze: Adriene Levknecht, USA

OC-1 Medalists (l-r)
Silver: Dane Jackson, USA
Gold: Jordan Poffenberger, USA
Bronze: Jez Jezz, Australia

C1 Medalists (l-r)
Silver: Tad Dennis, United States
Gold: Jordan Poffenberger, USA
Bronze: Dane Jackson, USA

Women's Squirt Medalists (l-r)
Silver: Motoko Ishida, Japan
Gold: Claire O'Hara, Great Britain
Bronze: Yoshiko Suematsu, Japan

Men's Squirt Medalists (l-r)
Silver: Dane Jackson, USA
Gold: Clay Wright, United States
Bronze: Max Karlsson, Sweden

Junior Women's Medalists (l-r)
Silver: Nuria Fontane, Spain
Gold: Rowan Stuart, USA
Bronze: Kimberlee Aldred, Great Britain

Junior Men's Medalists (l-r)
Silver: Thomas Richard, France
Gold: Hunter Katich, USA
Bronze: Alec Voorhees, USA

Sports Betting Terms Explained For Beginners

If you are a beginner in sports betting, it is probably a good idea to know about some commonly-used terms in betting. Sports’ betting is becoming popular by the day as the Internet makes convenient for bettors to register online and place wagers from the comforts of their living room. The best betting sites now make placing bets quite simple. In the United Kingdom, there are numerous safe UK bookmakers and betting sites with the best odds, specials, sports markets, and incentives. The procedure of enrolling for an account with both existing and new UK bookmakers and betting sites has been streamlined. To make an account with some, you only need to sign up using PayPal, Facebook, or Google. Here are some of the most frequently used words and phrases in sports betting:

  • Alternate Lines: While all sportsbooks will offer lines for sports events some offer alternate point spreads which will pay different odds for one game.
  • American Odds: These are called moneyline odds displayed as – or + signs before a number.
  • Arbitrage: Refers to a strategy where you place wagers on all prospective outcomes for a specific event to get guaranteed profits.
  • Action: Placing a bet on an event is called action.
  • Backdoor Cover: Refers to winning in spite of apparently unbeatable odds, usually through late scores in events where outcomes have been decided already.
  • Bankroll: This is money you place for a wager.
  • Beard: Refers to someone who places bets for others who want to keep their identity hidden.
  • Betting exchanges: Platforms where people place bets against one another rather than through sportsbooks.
  • Betting Unit: Refers to a wager amount. Bettors can diverse bankrolls and unit is essentially to share the amount that has been bet.
  • Bonus: Sportbooks will offer financial incentives to users in the form of bonuses.
  • Bet: The act of placing wagers on outcomes of sporting events.
  • Book: The establishment which accepts bets also called sportsbook.
  • Chalk: These are the odds-on favorites for winning any event.
  • Closing Line: Final odds on any event before the pre-match betting stops being accepted. This line may move up and down according to which side receives more money as wager.
  • Cover: Correct selection of winning side in point-spread bets.
  • Dog: Popular slang for “underdog” refers to the side unlikely to win.
  • Even Money: Refers to a 50-50 wager where neither side has a visible advantage.
  • Exotic: Bets which are not straight, used mainly for horseracing.
  • Favorite: Refers to the side most likely to win.
  • First Half: Derivative bets on sports having two halves.
  • Fixed Odds: Odds which will not change once set.
  • Fractional Odds: Used mainly in Ireland and Great Britain and expressed as fractions.
  • First-half Bet: Where wagers are only placed for the first half of any event and not the final outcome.
  • Handicapper: The entity deciding the given odds for an event.
  • House: Refers to the sportsbook which takes the wager.
  • Limit: Maximum wager that a sportsbook allows.
  • Line: For determining gambling margins between the underdog and favorites.
  • Live betting: Placing wagers on an ongoing event where odds fluctuate in real-time.
  • Lock: Denotes a “can’t miss” bet.
  • Layoff: Bookmakers reduce risks of losing bets by placing wagers with different sportsbooks.
  • Number: Refers to the betting line/spread/odds.
  • Off the Board: Any event for which bets are not accepted anymore because of some controversy.
  • Opening Line: Initial odds for any event which can fluctuate.
  • Parlay: Series of bets where the original stake and winnings are wagered on many bets.
  • Point Spread: Refers to odds or betting line to identify the favorite and underdog.
  • Stake: The money you wager on an outcome.
  • Taking the Points: Betting on underdogs and accepting points on spread.
  • Ticket: Receipt for a confirmed bet.
  • Trifecta: Placing wagers on first 3 finishers in a race.

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