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You might have found the Olympic archery tournament very attractive that you want to try it out yourself. But if you have never tried archery before except just watching others play it, you should engage yourself in one. Archery looks easy at first glance, because all you will see from competitors is that they are standing there, looking at the target, aiming at the target and release the arrow. But once you try out archery for the first time, you might feel overwhelmed and wanting to give up.  We recommend using only the best crossbows for this hunting competition. Remember to  also buy the best crossbow bolts! The professional competitors that you saw in TVs or the Olympics have honed their skills by attending and joining different kinds of Archery tournaments. The more you compete in the stage, you will gain more experience and knowledge on how to shoot better. To get high scores, these are sometimes obtained through the best preparation and proper execution. Scores that are a bit off from the pace of the leader are mostly due to the mental lapse, failure from the equipment or the lack of preparation of the physical. If you are aiming for success, search for advice from the other archers and do not lose points for any preventable causes.

Mental Preparation

Shot in the same target, style and distance. If you ask competitive archers, they will tell you that they prepare themselves by shooting with the same targets, same style and same distance that the tournament you are trying to participate in uses. If you have no experience with shooting an NFAA Hunter round, going for the white circle that has a black background may yield interesting yet undesirable results. It is better that you go for the bright green pin as it will show well when used with a black background, but the red circle in the scope of your bow may not be very visible at all. What all these means that you should shoot the same target that the same target is being used at the competition. For example, when participating at a 3 spot tournament, make a routine and order for shooting on the 3 spot. You won’t get a solid routine and develop from it if you are shooting at a 5-spot target. Another tip for the 3 spot - many archers put 3 arrows right at the front slot of their quiver because they will know when they are done with a single round since they are already out of arrows. For the 5-spot, put 5 arrows at the first slot, too.

Determine on how you get to turn things around during the competition. No matter how much you prepare, there are unexpected times that the arrow goes the wrong way you intended it to be in the first place. When this happens to you for the first time, especially when you are so used to hitting your targets one after another, you will feel your thoughts straying away. A simple mental distraction will affect all your future shots. How are you going to break this cycle when it happens to you and go back to your usual pace? This is where you develop the shot process and at the same time gain the comfort and strength that will help you guide back to your success.

Keep a log of your performance. Take a record of your date, time and location; the time that you started and then finished; note the weather conditions when you played so that you can assess whether any of the changes affect the trajectory or behavior of the arrow; what you did, which is a description of your shoot; which and what went well; which part that you need help and what are your future goals. Record your equipment and each time you made any changes. Record the scores in the competition that you joined and show any set backs or improvements. Keep your log performance as this is an analysis of all the things you’ve done and keep it together with the equipment you used so that the records can be made right away after every shoot routine you make.

After you have determined the challenges that you’ve made by just looking at the performance log, work on your shots or distances that you are most challenged with. Do not assume that once you have already defined the kinks from your worst shots, your other shots you consider as good are still working. Make sure you try out all the shots that you’ve made and develop your confidence before you head for the tournament.

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