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Kayaking is an awesome experience. You get to see places that your feet can’t take you. There are so many beautiful things to see in this world and with a little bit of skills and muscle power you can paddle your way through the waters to see some of the most beautiful places on the earth.

Amazing Places to Go Kayaking

The following are some of the amazing places to go kayaking:


When people come across Maldives they think about beaches and sandy beaches but the small island has more to that than just sunny beaches. Maldives is an excellent place for kayaking and they have some brilliant resorts where they provide you with some of the best water sport activities. Gilding through the clear waters can never be any better.


The blue glaciers of Greenland are one of the best views you will ever see in your entire life. The blue river is crystal clear and it is filled by the melting ice. Once of the best times to visit is during the month of August when the summer is intense and you will not find much tourist during that time. But the place might have mosquitoes at that time. The bed of the river changes slightly every year but kayaking in the blue river is an experience that you will never forget.


Geirangerfjorden in Norway is listed as a world heritage and UNESCO protects the site. The atmosphere is perfect for kayaking. It has lush green vegetation and rock cliffs in which waterfalls plunge the walls of the rock. The waterfalls add extra beauty to this place and it is breathtaking experience. Kayaking in this kind of unspoiled environment is something which you will remember for a long time.


The volcanic island is also an excellent go kayaking. You can kayak your way and admire the coast of the island. You can go to the island any time of the year. Hawaii is perfect for you to bask on the beach or indulge yourself in an outdoor activity.

New Zealand:

Fiorland is yet another wilderness that you must explore to satisfy the adventures thirst in you. New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Fiorland is a kayaker’s paradise as it has calm waters and a beautiful lush green environment. There are no cities nearby and thus you are away from all the noise and the pollution. The area is extremely remote and most of the places here can be accessed only by a helicopter or by a boat.


The rainforest is a home to thousands of wildlife species and kayaking on the Amazon is a brilliant experience. You will get to see a totally different world as you pass through the rivers. There will be indigenous people and amazing wildlife. The atmosphere is humid and hot and thus can make you sweaty. Some places are quite muddy and you need to have the right equipments as it can be a challenging trip.

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